T‑7A Recapitalization

Environmental Impact Statement

Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas


Welcome to the Department of the Air Force's website for T-7A recapitalization at Laughlin AFB, Texas!

This website is the Air Force’s online center for the public to learn about and become involved in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process for Laughlin AFB. The Air Force encourages the public and interested parties to review the information and documents provided on this website and participate in the EIS process.

Visit the Air Force’s T-7A Recapitalization NEPA Homepage to learn about and participate in the NEPA processes for other military installations that may undergo T-7A recapitalization over the coming decade!

What's New?

Public comment on the Draft EIS ended on January 8, 2024. The Air Force thanks you for your participation in the comment process.

The Air Force is now considering the public's comments, and your comments and recommendations will be implemented where feasible. The Air Force anticipates publishing the Final EIS in early to mid-2024.

Please visit the Get Involved, Documents, and Provide Comments tabs for more information.